Tree Committee


Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas


  • Steve Smith (chair)
  • Danny Schissler (vice-chair)
  • Lee Eyler (secretary)
  • Chris Payson
  • Pete McBride
  • Neil Pederson (associate member)


The Maynard Tree Committee is dedicated to promoting the growth of a healthy and diverse population of trees on public and private property throughout the town. It shall:

  1. Assist the Tree Warden in duties under MGL and municipal By-Laws.
  2. Protect and promote planting, maintenance, and preservation of trees throughout the Town.
  3. Advise on removal and replacement of trees as described by MGL and municipal By-Laws.
  4. Advise on the creation and updating of municipal tree By-Laws; facilitate tree surveys and help
    maintain inventories; develop tree manuals and programs; and undertake other initiatives that
    they and the Tree Warden find necessary for their mission.
  5. Educate the community about the value of trees and about tree resources available to them;
    inform the public about local tree initiatives.
  6. Assist in seeking grants and other assistance for planting, maintenance, and preservation of trees
    in Town.
  7. Make every effort to carry out the goals of both the Town’s Master Plan and other committees as
    they apply to the maintenance and expansion of Maynard’s tree canopy.

The Tree Committee is an ad hoc, Town Administrator appointed committee. It is an advisory group.


If you have questions or interest in this committee, please email Justin DeMarco (Tree Warden) at Maynard Department of Public Works.

For General Inquiries, please email the Tree Committee.

For public tree maintenance or concerns, please email Public Works.


Arbor Day 2022 at Maynard High School

People reading information at an Arbor Day event
A group of people outside