Cemetery & Parks Division

The DPW Cemetery and Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance of the Glenwood Cemetery, Memorial Park, Reo Park, Coolidge Park, Carbone Park, Crowe Park and Rockland Avenue Soccer Field. 

The Cemetery and Parks division also assists with School Department with the maintenance of the Alumni Field complex and other school grounds. This division also maintains municipal building grounds and open spaces Town-wide as well as providing forestry maintenance.

Glenwood CemeteryGlenwood Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery is located near the intersection of Great Road and Parker Street and is comprised of approximately 25 acres of land. The Cemetery and Parks Division has the responsibility for the maintenance and management of the Glenwood Cemetery. The grass is mowed and trimmed as needed around headstones and trees on a regular basis. All Town plantings and shrubs are trimmed in the spring. 

It is the lot owner's responsibility to maintain shrubs and plantings on their lots. The Cemetery Division will continue to remove shrubs that become unsightly or overgrown. The Town also directs the placement of monuments and flat markers to ensure conformance to Cemetery By-laws. The Cemetery Division installs G.I. Markers for our Veterans; the Veterans Administration supplies the G.I. Markers.

Burial Records

Burial records for Glenwood Cemetery are online on CemeteryFind.com.

Glenwood Cemetery Rates

Please be advised that in September 2014 the Select Board voted to change the policy of pre-sale of burial lots at the Glenwood Cemetery. Effective immediately the sale of cremation, single lots and double lots are available to all Maynard Residents.

Any interested residents, please contact the Department of Public Works, Cemetery Division at 978-897-1317 or by email.

Single Graves
Lot: $400
Perpetual Care: $400
$800 each plus $10 Title Fee
Only flush  markers
Cremation Plot
4 interments per Plot
If available
Plot: $400
Perpetual Care: $400
$800 each plus $10 Title Fee
Headstones allowed
Infant Lot (Baby)Not Available
Full Interment
Weekday and Openings and interments
Infant Burial$0
Full Interment
Weekend Openings
Saturday includes weekday interment
Sunday and HolidaysNo interments
Non-ResidentNot allowed
RemovalsSame as Burial Rate
Double Deep BurialsNot allowed
All Interments after 1:30 pm surcharge
Weekdays or Weekends

Glenwood Cemetery Rules

View the Rules and Regulations Document (PDF)

Parks & Forestry

The Cemetery and Parks Division maintains approximately 1,000,000 square feet of grass areas, which include athletic fields, parks and numerous small open spaces throughout town. The division maintains the fields to the highest level possible with available manpower and funding. All playgrounds are inspected on a regular schedule and repairs are made as needed.

View our Tree Resource Management Plan (July 2020) (PDF)