Snow Plowing & Sidewalk Plowing Policy

Snow plowGeneral Information

The Department of Public Works maintains over 100 lane miles of roads, over 11 miles of sidewalks, all municipal parking lots including the Boys Club (Town owns most of the parking lot), Cemetery, and all school properties including sidewalks on school property. 

Snow removal can cost over $5,000 per hour. Therefore it is important for DPW to use its resources wisely and with cooperation from residents. Snow cleanup usually takes the Town six to eight hours after it stops snowing to complete the plowing operation and additional time to have every road salted after the plowing is completed.

Plow Routes

There are eight snow plow routes within the Town; within each route, streets are plowed and salted in order of an established priority. 

  1. Main (Major and Minor Arterials, Collectors) roads are addressed first with special attention to steep hills, and difficult intersections. 
  2. Side streets are done next, then dead end streets. Side streets may remain unplowed if the main roads require repeated plowing. Although this may, at times, seem unfair to the residents of side streets, dead-end streets, or cul-de-sacs, main roads must remain open for Emergency Service Personnel.

There are four sanding routes. The priority for sanding is the same as for plowing. Each storm is different and each storm is treated differently in how they are plowed and salted plus the plowing frequency.

Vehicles Parked on Streets

The greatest hindrance to efficient snow removal is privately owned vehicles that are parked on the street. You should make every attempt to move your vehicles off the street during every snow event.

Blocked Driveways

All snow plows angle the same way (to the driver's right) and will automatically push the snow in front of a driveway. Homeowners are responsible for access to their driveways. The best way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until DPW crews have done their final clean up on the street


As per the Supreme Judicial Court ruled last year property owners are responsible for keeping all sidewalks along their property clear of snow and ice. The Town clears only sidewalks that are not abutted by private property. Keeping in mind that snow plows will push street snow onto sidewalks,

 it is advisable to clear sidewalks after the plows have finished your street. Do not throw snow from sidewalks back into the street. 

These are the main walking routes for schools and includes the Central Business District. The Town keeps the sidewalks passable during storms and will make a final cleanup of the sidewalks as soon as possible after the storm ends. It may be several days before the sidewalks are completely open

Town Plowed Sidewalks

  • Acton Street - One side only
  • Concord Street - Partial, One side only
  • Florida Road - One side only, as time allows
  • Great Road - Both sides or where there are sidewalks
  • Main Street - Both sides
  • Nason Street - Both sides CBD - One side from Acton St to Summer St
  • Parker Street - Both sides or where there are sidewalks
  • Powder Mill Road - One side only
  • Summer Street - One side entire length

Private Plowing

The Town of Maynard prohibits private plowing contractors from pushing snow from driveways or parking lots onto Town streets or sidewalks. This practice is dangerous and impedes the Town's snow removal efforts. If there is no other alternative to pushing snow across a street, the private plow driver must plow off the windrow left across the street by re-plowing until the road is safe. Such plowing should leave the roadway in no worse condition than when the driver began work. Private plows who violate this prohibition will be cited and fined.

What You Can Do to Help

Resident cooperation can be very helpful to the efficient and timely removal of snow and ice and the restoration of safe travel in the Town. Here's what you can do to help:

  • Remove all vehicles from the street during every snowfall.
  • Clear snow and ice from all sidewalks and footpaths that adjoin your property.
  • Do not shovel or plow snow into the street after the DPW snow plow has begun clearing the street.
  • Remove soccer goals, basketball hoops and other such items from the sides of the streets.
  • If there are no curbs on your street, you can place inexpensive reflectors at the edge of your lawn to help the plow driver determine where the pavement ends.
  • If at all possible, avoid traveling on Town streets during snow removal operations.
  • Refrain from calling Police, Fire, and Public Works to find out when your street will be plowed. Such calls detract from management's attention to the task at hand. Crews are working diligently with available resources to clear all Town streets as quickly as possible.
  • Only call DPW if you have a legitimate concern or complaint, residents who feel they have a legitimate concern or complaint should call 978-897-1317.

The DPW wants to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.