Street Sweeping

Street SweeperThe Department of Public Works will be commencing its annual fall street sweeping process beginning November 8, 2022 and lasting until completion. Completion is subject to weather conducive to the operation. Impacts as it relates to the operation will be minimal, including slowed traffic patterns, and one-way traffic. 

The Department will be following its pre-determined priority street sweeping list, starting on Great Road and following the list below:

  1. Business District/Main Street Area
  2. Fletcher St. Area
  3. Vose Hill Area to Sudbury Town Line
  4. Old Marlboro Road Area
  5. Presidential Area
  6. Butler, Crane, Douglas Terraces etc.
  7. Elmwood, Fairfield, Thompson etc.
  8. Glendale, Prospect Tremont and Concord St Area
  9. Upper Acton Area, Maple, Brooks Linden
  10. Lincoln, Brooks, Mayfield, Amory, Randall Area
  11. Mockingbird, Dix, Durant, Patti Area
  12. Howard, Florida, Summerhill
  13. Pine, Spring, Sudbury

If possible, we request that you do not park your cars on the streets until your neighborhood has been swept.

The above sequence puts the sweeper in these general areas, all streets in or near the above list will be swept while the sweeper is in that area. The DPW wants to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience. Should you have specific questions or concerns, please call the Department of Public Works at 978-897-1317.