Master Plan Implementation Committee


Upcoming on December 5, 6 pm, Town Hall/Hybrid: Agenda

Agendas and Minutes

MPIC Members (for 2022)

  • Mary Brannelly
  • Brendon Chetwynd
  • John Cramer
  • Bryan Delaney
  • Susan Erickson, Clerk
  • Jason Kreil, Chair
  • Amy Loveless
  • Andy Moerlein
  • Bill Nemser
  • Julia Flanary
  • Megan Zammuto
  • (open)
  • (open)

Mission Statement

The Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC) is an advisory body which monitors and supports Town Departments and Committees to carry out the recommendations set forth in the Maynard Master Plan adopted March 10, 2020, by the Town of Maynard Planning Board and presented to the public at the Fall 2020 Town Meeting. The Committee will liaise and assist the Town Departments, Boards, and Committees identified as implementation owners for recommendations in the Master Plan. Assistance will include, aiding in strategy to implement, monitoring of progress by task, general support (including aiding in data collection or grant assistance), and communicating this progress to the Select Board, Town Administration, and documenting progress in the Annual Town Report. The Committee's goal and mission will be to oversee progress and confirm Maynard's development in accordance with the Master Plan to continue to be a viable community fiscally, environmentally, recreationally, and educationally.

Committee Charge

The roles of the MPIC are to:

  • Facilitate coordination between the various elements of the Plan with Town boards, commissions, committees and staff. Where deemed beneficial the MPIC may designate a liaison to various entities that have a role in implementing the Master Plan. It will encourage boards and committees to adopt a process for reviewing and including Master Plan goals and recommendations into their regular meeting processes.
  • Advise Town officials and the public to promote and encourage actions that are consistent with the Plan.
  • Evaluate pending and future projects as they pertain to implementation of the Plan.
  • Provide Town bodies recommendations to prioritize implementation and funding to forward goals of the Plan.
  • Identify both successful strategies and barriers to progress.
  • Be responsible for public education about the Master Plan implementation process, including creating user friendly metrics and documents.
  • Provide an annual report to the Select Board and an annual report with progress task matrices to Town Meeting.