Annual and Special Town Meeting – May 16, 2016


To All Citizens of the Town of Maynard and Other Interested Parties:

Please be advised that the Maynard Select Board, acting at their January 19, 2016 Select Board’s meeting voted five to zero:  “To set the date and time of the Annual and Special Town Meetings as 7 pm. on Monday, May 16, 2016 respectively and to designate the Fowler School Auditorium on Tiger Drive as the location for the Annual and Special Town Meetings.”

Citizen’s petitions must be submitted with the question presented at the top of each side of the signature page.  They must be submitted to the Town Clerks Office and certified by the Town Clerk in order to be included on the warrant.

The deadline for submission of Citizens Petition Articles for the Annual Town Meeting is Noon Friday April 1, 2016 and for Special Town meeting Petition April 1, 2016 for Special Petition Articles (Per Charter, at least 45 days prior to the town meeting for annual town meeting and at least 45 days on special town meeting).

Warrants & Reports

FinCom Information Session and Recommendations

The Finance Committee will hold a public hearing to discuss with any citizen who desires further information, as to any Articles in the Warrant to which the Finance Committee has made a recommendation. Explanation and discussion concerning these matters may be helpful in the interest of saving time at the Town Meetings. Your participation is welcome.

View the recommendations from the Finance Committee (PDF).

Amendments at Town Meeting

An Amendment to an article must be given to the Moderator in writing.

The Amendment must include the sponsor’s name and street address.

It will then be reviewed by the Town Counsel and the Moderator to see that the language meets the criteria for the Attorney’s General acceptance.

If you are contemplating making an amendment to a specific article, we suggest that you show it to the Moderator or Town Counsel or the presenting Board prior to the beginning of the Town Meeting. Once the Meeting has started, we can not advise or help with the language submitted. The Moderator will NOT hold up the Meeting while someone tries to write it up. Please have it ready; in writing, when you move the amendment.