Marijuana Commerce Information

Cannabis leafMaynard voters approved Question 4 on the state election ballot on November 8, 2016, to allow the non-medical use of marijuana by adults.

Massachusetts regulations and standards for marijuana establishments are administered by the Cannabis Control Commission. The local regulatory framework for marijuana permitting was developed in 2017/18 and is administered by the Town. A request to permit a marijuana establishment goes through the Select Board, the Planning Board, the Police Department, the Health Department and Town staff. A "Host Community Agreement" between the business owner and the Select Board is also required.

By vote of the Town Meeting, Marijuana Retailers are allowed by Special Permit* of the Planning Board within the "Central Business" (CB), "Business" (B) and "Health Care Industrial" (HCI) Zoning Districts. A Craft Marijuana Cultivator Cooperative, Marijuana Cultivator, Marijuana Testing Facility, or Marijuana Product Manufacturer use within the "Health Care Industrial" (HCI) and "Industrial" (I) Zoning Districts.

Marijuana use in public is prohibited and limited to private property. Maynard has no establishments that are authorized to allow on-premises use of marijuana.

* A Special Permit allows a specific use at a specific location. In order to be granted, a Special Permit must go through the public hearing process. A public hearing means that abutters are notified, public input will be heard and a location specific review by the Planning Board will be conducted before the Special Permit is issued. Limitations, conditions or other site-specific regulations may be imposed on any Special Permit issued.

Application Process for Marijuana Establishments

  1. Applicant meets with Town Administration
  2. Applicant completes the Marijuana Host Community Agreement Application (PDF)
  3. Applicant presents their materials at an Economic Development Committee (EDC) meeting. The EDC does not have authority in the approval or disapproval of the proposal. The EDC will evaluate the presentation and materials to determine if they are complete and offer insight into the communities' economic goals.
  4. Applicant presents their materials at a Select Board (BOS) meeting in a ten-minute presentation
  5. At a second Select Board meeting, the board decides if they would like to begin negotiating a Host Community Agreement (HCA) with the applicant or not
  6. The HCA is approved by BOS after negotiations
  7. The applicant is required to host a community outreach meeting - this must happen within six months of filing its application with the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC)
  8. The applicant applies for a Provisional License from the CCC
  9. While they wait for the Provisional License, the applicant can begin obtaining local permits/licenses including Planning Board, Board of Health, Maynard Police Department approval of security plan
  10. The CCC will reach out to the Town of Maynard to confirm compliance with local ordinances or bylaws - the town has 60 days to respond
  11. CCC will grant the Provisional License
  12. The applicant will apply for the BOS license
  13. The BOS will hold a public hearing to consider the license application
  14. After all local permits have been granted - the applicant can apply to the CCC for the final license
  15. A final license may be issued by the CCC

Please email the Town Administrator's Office with any questions or call 978-897-1375.

Cultural District Enhancement Fund

Download Application Form (PDF)

Download Program Overview (PDF)

Current Host Community Agreements in Maynard allow for “Community Impact” fees on marijuana establishments of up to three (3) percent of the company’s annual revenue. The fee must “reasonably related” to costs imposed on the Town by the facility (“impacts”). 

During the 2022 Special Town Meeting, voters passed Article 5 to Transfer Marijuana Community Impact Payments to a special revenue stabilization fund, the Cultural District Enhancement Fund (CDEF).

How can CDEF funds be used?

Per the Town Meeting article, the funds can exclusively be used for the below purposes.  

  1. Downtown Beautification Efforts
  2. Infrastructure Improvements
  3. Programming for the Cultural District

 Who can apply?

  • Town Committees 
  • Town Departments
  • Individuals can petition a town committee or department to apply for a grant 

How will projects be selected for a grant award?

 The decision to award a grant will be made by the Select Board at a public meeting. The Select Board will consider factors such as:

  • How well the proposed project forwards the goals of the cultural district;
  • The ability of applicant to coordinate and assist with the project;
  • Required Town staff coordination level;
  • Impact on future funding needs;
  • General consistency with Maynard plans including:
    1. Maynard’s Master Plan
    2. Community Development Principals
    3. Local Rapid Recovery Plan
    4. Veterans Memorial Park Plan
  • Staff recommendations; and
  • Other considerations the Select Board believes are in the best interest of the Town

How much are the grants?

Grant awards are not capped to a specific amount. Considerations will include the balance of the fund, other potential projects etc. 

 When is the application deadline?

Applications will be on a rolling basis. Download Application Form (PDF)

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