Housing Production Plan

Maynard Housing Production PlanWhy a Housing Production Plan for Maynard

Town of Maynard has worked with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to design a Housing Production Plan (HPP) to guide future housing development. An HPP establishes a community vision and goals that helps the Town meet local demand for market-rate and affordable housing, while remaining consistent with State-mandated affordable housing requirements.

2021 Housing Production Plan

Background Material Leading to the 2021 Plan

Forum: Help Envision Future Housing in Maynard - December 9, 2020

The 'Housing Production Plan (HPP) Update' will build on the 2015 Maynard HPP to identify new housing challenges, overcome barriers to creating housing options and shape the town's housing goals for the future

Are you concerned about a lack of affordable housing options in Maynard? Are you struggling to stay in your home or having trouble finding a new home that meets your needs? Do you have older children that would love to raise their kids in town? Do you wonder where your parent's next move will be? Have your own housing needs or goals changed since the pandemic? We want to hear what you think about these important questions and how they can be addressed in the update to the Maynard Housing Production Plan.

Join MAPC, Town staff, members of the Select Board, Planning Board, and the Affordable Housing Trust for the first forum on Wednesday, December 9, from 5:30 - 7 pm. Due to public health safety concerns, we will be having this meeting on Zoom. However, the format of the meeting will be interactive and there will be several ways for you to offer your input.

We invite you to share your thoughts on housing need and updates to the Housing Production Plan goals. We need your input to guide MAPC and Town officials in updating our housing goals. There will be a presentation on the comprehensive housing needs assessment conducted by MAPC staff to inform our conversation. Please consider investing some of your time to share your thoughts and consider various options. The health and vibrancy of Maynard are at stake!

For more information about the Maynard Housing Production Plan, contact MAPC Housing Planner Alex Koppelman at akoppelman@mapc.org or Maynard Planning Director Bill Nemser at bnemser@townofmaynard.net.

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2020 Status

After two public forums with the community and working closely with the Town, the HPP draft is complete. A joint meeting with the Maynard Planning Board and Select Board to review the plan, including key findings on housing need and demand in town, housing goals for the next five years, and strategies to achieve them was held on 10-Dec-2015. (See video of the meeting below.) Both boards unanimously adopted the HPP so it can be submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development for approval. Once approved, the HPP will guide housing activities in Maynard for the next five years. The final HPP is available in the Reports section.

Earlier Reports & Presentations

  • Maynard Housing Production Plan (Final, 27-Jun-2016) *** SUPERSEDED - SEE ABOVE **
  • Phase 2 Forum (21-Oct-2015): Agenda, Summary, Slides
  • Development Potential Map (October 2015)
  • Survey Results (Online Survey, Apr-September 2015)
  • Maynard Housing Production Plan Visioning Forum (1-Jul-2015)

Joint BOS / PB Meeting on Affordable Housing Production Plan - 10-Dec-2015

The following video is of a 90 minute presentation and vote to adopt the Housing Production Plan developed for the Town via a Downtown Local Technical Assistance grant from MAPC. More than 300 residents participated in forums and surveys in developing the plan over the past 14 months. The Select Board and Planning Board unanimously adopted the plan which includes four goals and 21 implementation strategies for the development of housing in the community.