Municipal Services

The Office of Municipal Services manages and operates the planning, economic development and regulatory service functions of the Town. The Office is a customer service department oriented to the review and inspection processes that ensure the public health, safety, environmental and community concerns are met in an effective, timely and cost efficient manner.

 The Office is managed by the Assistant Town Administrator / Executive Director of Municipal Services.


The Office of Municipal Services integrates the following different regulatory divisions: 

These separate departments were merged into one office which has been focused to better serve the citizens, business permit holders and contractors by enhancing the management and communication ability among all of these entities. These divisions working independently and collaboratively enforce all codes, laws, and ordinances relating to their respective divisions. Staff provides support to the Town’s regulatory boards and commissions respectively: 

If you have any general questions or requests, please email Municipal Services.

Maynard Business Guide, an easy guide to licensing, permitting, and zoning in Maynard Opens in new windowMaynard Business Guide

The Town of Maynard has created this Business Guide (PDF) to help navigate municipal procedures - including permitting, licensing and zoning - in a simple, straight-forward format. It is part of a larger effort to simplify municipal processes and maintain a customer friendly environment within Town Hall.

The guide provides contact information and will help commercial customers, prospective businesses, and residents save time and money when interacting with Town Hall. Most information can also be found on the Town website. Additionally, Maynard's Office of Municipal Services staff is available to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

We understand the permitting process can appear cumbersome, but in addition to ensuring both regulatory compliance and the health and safety of the public, local permitting creates a healthy business environment. If you succeed, Maynard succeeds and the Town wants to do everything it can to ensure your business is a success!

Winter Municipal Parking Program

The 2022-2023 Parking Permits are available for purchase for $60 from the Office of Municipal Services. This program is designed for residents that rely on on-street parking for their vehicle. From December 1st to March 15th overnight on-street parking is not permitted.

Please visit the Winter Parking Program page for more information.