Obtaining a Wetlands Permit

Why do I need a Permit?

Under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (310 CMR 10) and the Maynard Wetlands Bylaw, you are required to get a  permit if you dredge, fill, or alter the land in any way within the 100 foot buffer zone, or within 200 feet of any perennial (year round) stream. The 

Examples of Projects 

Examples of projects that may need a permit include but are not limited to:

  • Digging, Landscaping, Vegetation Control (this includes invasive species removal)
  • Driveway replacement or alteration
  • Accessory structures such as decks, sheds, pools or garages
  • Drainage improvements or installation of drainage infrastructure
  • Tree removal including hazardous trees
  • Construction of any kind including replacement of structures

Types of Permits

There are three permits that the Conservation Commission provides to residents, two of which through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.  The Conservation Agent determines which permit is appropriate for each project. Please contact the Conservation Agent prior to filing any of the following documents.

  1. Request for determination of Applicability
  2. Notice of INTENT

An RDA is a smaller application to complete when you intend to conduct minor work in the Buffer Zone (at least 50 feet from the resource area; minimal or no proposed structures within the buffer zone). You may need to hire an engineering firm or environmental consultant to help you with the application.

APPLICATION CHECKLIST ** Please note we are now all online unless requested otherwise**

  1. File an RDA Application FORM 1 via MassDEP online portal. For more information please visit the MassDEP Website.  
  2. Map of the area showing property in relation to neighborhood (google maps or GIS)
  3. Detailed project description of what is being proposed including square footage of project area and specify which buffer zone you are in. 
  4. Plan or sketch showing the following (This can be made using The Town's GIS or the State's GIS software)   
    1. Existing Conditions and Proposed Work (including the limit of work)
    2. All Wetland Resource Areas within 100’ of the parcel: wetlands, ponds, streams, flood zones, Riverfront Area, etc.
    3. 200 ft Riverfront Buffer Zone (if applicable) 100’ Buffer Zone & 50’ No Disturb Zone 
    4. Parcel lines  
    5. Structures (i.e. Buildings, stormwater infrastructure, pavement/driveway areas) 


  1. submit ONLINE ONLY eDEP
    • be sure to download and submit all attachments to conservation@townofmaynard.net
  2. The Conservation Division will submit your legal notice to the MetroWest Daily and the applicant will be notified when that the legal notice is submitted. The applicant is responsible for payment directly to the newspaper.


 This applies to all permits and only checks are accepted. Checks may be made out to the Town of Maynard with subject CONSCOM PERMIT
Type 1: Vegetation control or vista pruning (Exempt Invasive Species only removal)$100$50
Type 2: driveway replacement or any minor work associated with a single family home such as accessory structures or modifications to existing structure$200$150
Type 3: Pools, single family home addition or garages, decks; commercial property maintainence activities or drainage updates$250$150
Type 4: tree removal (per live tree) dead and hazardous trees are exempt$100$50
Type 5: single family home construction, subdivision per house, commercial redevelopment per building on disturbed land $1500$1000
Type 6:  single family home construction, subdivision per house, commercial development per building on undisturbed land $2000$1500
if a project includes multiple activities, the highest fee must be paid, if RDA denied no additional fees shall be processed for NOI.

Additional Fees

Certificate of Compliance$50
Certificate of Compliance on expired OOC $100
OOC Extension$50
post-violation filing of RDA or NOIAdditional $100 added to above work
Administrative Approval that does not include the above activities$50
Stormwater Waiver Fee$30
Stormwater Permit (if waiver denied, fee would be $20)$100