Animal Control

Problems or concerns about any animal issues should be directed to the main number at the police station: 978-897-1011. There is additional information on the Maynard Police Department website.

The dog officer or animal control officer will be notified and advised of the problem.

The risk of rabies to pets and humans is very real. If you have been bitten, scratched, or otherwise exposed to a potentially rabid animal, call your doctor right away and notify the Animal Control Officer of Maynard through the Police Department (978-897-1101).

Rabies Clinic

The Maynard Board of Health sponsors Rabies Clinics at the DPW Barn on Winter Street in Spring and Fall each year.

These clinics are for dogs and cats and the inoculation cost is typically $10. You must bring proof that the current rabies tag is valid within the last 364 days to have your pet receive a 3-year shot. If not, your pet will receive a one-year vaccination.

Check the calendar for the next rabies clinic or check the Rabies Clinic page.