Street with parked carsServing Our Downtown District

Our parking plan balances the needs and interests of customers and visitors. Maynard has 381 public parking spaces in the Downtown retail district to serve customers and employees. To support our vibrant retail, commercial, cultural, and dining district, we want to ensure that visitors are able to find a spot for their shopping, dining, and entertainment trips and employees are able to find a spot for their all-day parking. Our parking regulations are designed to support these multiple interests and a lively downtown retail district.

Toward that end, we have 2-hour parking on Main Street, Nason Street and Summer Street (150 spots) in Naylor Court (40 spots) Walnut Street (5 spots), and behind CVS (21 spots) These are metered and monitored to ensure turnover and provide plenty of parking for customers. In addition, we have all-day employee parking on River Street (25 spots) and in Naylor Court (97 spots.) In addition, there is flexible parking on Florida Road (12 spots) and at the Library on Glendale Street (31 spots.)

What the Town is Doing to Serve Customers

  • Added on-street metered 2-hour parking for customers
  • Added all-day parking lot on River Street for employees
  • Purchasing signs to indicate parking lots
  • Installing four 15-minute parking spaces on Main Street and Nason Street

What Businesses Can Do

  • Provide a bowl of change on your counter for customers
  • Ask employees to use the all-day parking in the River Street lot and the unmetered spots in Naylor Court

What Residents Can Do

  • Be courteous to fellow drivers by parking within designated lines
  • Choose free 15-minute parking for pick-up and drop-off
  • Choose free all-day parking to make room for retail visitors
  • Choose metered spaces for your shopping trips