What is Polystyrene?

Polystyrene is a synthetic resin, used chiefly as lightweight rigid foams and solid containers. Clear or Rigid polystyrene is generally used to make clear clamshell containers, clear or colored lids, and utensils. Expanded polystyrene includes both blown polystyrene and expanded and extruded foams. Foam polystyrene is generally used to make cups, bowls, plates, trays, clamshell containers, meat trays, and egg cartons

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1. What is the purpose of the bylaw?
2. What is Polystyrene?
3. When does the bylaw take effect?
4. What are some options to replace polystyrene?
5. Will businesses be fined for noncompliance?
6. Are there any exceptions?
7. Is my establishment responsible for composting biodegradable packaging?